Posted by: SB Websites | June 13, 2011

GNE Black Cats

The Black Cats service is a cross city route linking various parts of Sunderland. With 7 Dennis Dart MPD’s in use they wear the original swirl livery in a light tone of Yellow. The 8th was stolen and completely burnt to a shell last week, so its unknown whether a replacement will be liveried in the simpler style. As can be seen below on MPD 543.



  1. I read on a website that the guy nicked it from Deptford depot whilst the driver was having a break on the night shift. Apparently he parked it up in Newcastle, had a few drinks, drove it somewhere else, lathered it in petrol and torched it. Poor bus….


  2. To Marcus,

    Thats correct, I shame but at least it was only an MPD rather than a Citaro or something.


  3. Good Point, even worse if it was a Gemini 2! But I don’t think Deptford have any, in fact I believe Deptford is dominated by single deckers and midi buses.


  4. To Marcus,

    No, Deptford dont have any Gemini’s. The only deckers they have are reserves and a horribly high amount of Vykings.

  5. I think a handful of those should be transferred to CLS and a handful of Lolyne’s to there. It’s too risky to have ONLY Vyking’s which are worth thousands of pounds and not any less costly ones.


  6. To Marcus,

    Chester refused them after destroying them on the 21, they just weren’t suited to the route as they were slow ex London vehicles. Plus Deptford still do have a few Lolynes and Presidents and Winlaton and Gateshead have a few Vykings as well.


  7. Yep, how right you are Keiron. I remember a couple of years ago I had several incidents on the 21 with Vykings, twice going to Durham, three times to Newcastle, and once when pulling out of Gateshead Interchange. I mean last week I had 3983 on the 71, and it broke down pulling out of the bottom of Chester. 3983 is Cath’s regular bus when she does a separate scholars service (844) from Low Fell to Winlaton, and she told me she could gamble on the chance that at least once a week it would break down. She once told me that once 3983 was with 3973 at Gateshead Interchange and both suddenly broke down, blocking the exit!


  8. To Marcus,

    I also recall many incidents of the Vykings. One time I was on one and it was very slow, we barely reversed out of Durham Bus Station then it couldn’t get out of Eldon Square when the traffic lights went red so it was towed back to Chester.


  9. I went on the present 3983 when in London. Terrible things

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