Posted by: SB Websites | June 4, 2011

04/06/11 DMS News Update

With the new 42 Timetable in action and route brandings being obsolete, Versa 108 has been stripped of 42 logos and soon to be painted in the new livery like sister 107 and has been relicenced NK10 GZX. This now means that the 42 uses 2 single deckers as can be seen on the allocation at the top of the page.  Service 46 now has a PVR of 2, so Commander NK53 HHZ has been painted in the new livery, along with SPD V520 JBH 269. With these timetable changes this means that SPD W554 JJV has been moved into Single Deck allocation from Reserve. Withdrawn B10M R570 RPY and Delta P130 RWR have been moved to SS&S, along with Myllenuims RX53 LNH/J. Below is Versa 108, Commander 202 and SPD 269.



  1. ex-London Pressidents are looking very smart, any chance of doing the net?

  2. To Thomas,

    Yes this can be done, this will be added to the pending liveries list.


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