Posted by: SB Websites | May 31, 2011

GNE Drifter

The Drifter brand consists of routes 60 and 61 which operate from Sunderland to Parkside following the coast along its route. It is operated with 8 Optare Versa’s and a couple of green Wright Cadet’s. The services combine to a service every few minutes between Sunderland and Seaham. Below is 8302 NK09 FVC.



  1. Can you do GNE 8222 yellow spare and GNE 8285 please

  2. Put 318 Ashington on 8222 and 17 Cramlington on 8285

  3. To Thomas,

    Yes these can be done, with the displays you want, these will be added to the pending liveries list, although it may be a while until they are created as there are a few requests to go through.


  4. is it possible for you to create the bus 3888 numbered 21 that travels between Bishop Auckland and Newcastle Eldon Square ?

  5. To admiralrst,

    This can be done and will be added to the Pending Liveries list although it will be a while to created due to the amount of nets to do first.


  6. Hi,
    8285 is not an SPD as it says on the livery’s coming soon list its a Caeteno Nimbus so why not do mine and Georges requests in 1

  7. To Thomas,

    Sorry about that I didnt realise, 8285 is a Caeteno Comapss, this will be changed. Although for the Nimbus, its 8288 and havent mentioned the fleetnumber. But, to make it fair to others i can’t change the order of the list. Thanks for bringing this mistake up.


  8. Ok, Every morning and evining I dread using the 17… I have to use it from Percy Main to Cramlington every day. The seats are like sitting on rock and at peak times it’s full of school children, screaming and shouting. They should use double deckers on them… new ones though!!!! The last few mornings I’ve been on DFDS Safeway buses or horrible 4993 or yesterday I was on 4911. Why don’t they make a branding for the services using newer buses! SPD’S aren’t much better either. Was on 8222 last week on the 14:23 from cramlington when it arrived at Wallsend it was far to busy, the driver let 4 prams on!!!!! And why don’t they take the 1X sticker of 8277 and 8279 because the service doesn’t exsist anymore!! Was on 8277 from Percy Main to Benton ASDA and it took 1 hour, because it goes round holy cross, why don’t they not just keep the 17 running from Whitley Bay to Cramlington and have a 17A running Cramlington to Whitley Bay via Holy Cross


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