Posted by: SB Websites | May 30, 2011

GNE South Tyne Super Pointer

The South Tyne service operates every 15 mins between South Shields and Jarrow. This one of the last branded SPD routes operated by Go North East, the others being ROUTE19. It wears a light purple livery with the original swirls. The service was originally called Cross Tyne but due to the Tyne Tunnel refurbishment it was viable to operate only on the South Side as operating would be a reliability problem. Below is 8201 V201 ERG.



  1. Thanks, it’s great!

  2. To Rob,

    Your very welcome, feel free to visit again for more updates.


  3. GNE Drifter
    2. GNE DFDS Seaways
    3. ANE Quorom Shuttle/Express
    4. GNE ex-London Plaxton President
    5. GNE Fabfiftyseven
    by june the 2 plase

  4. miss one GNE DFDS Seaways
    that one

  5. Hi Sam,

    This has been removed due to the lack of images for the photos on the side to create the net. I will add a note.


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