Posted by: SB Websites | May 29, 2011

GNE Red Kite

Awarded Britain’s Best Route for Livery and Service in 2007 is the Red Kite. Th red kite being a local type of bird in the area and the service running through many Nature reserves. Services 45 ad 46 both Operate Newcastle to Consett every 30 mins  and giving a quality link between the towns and villages in between. The service is operated by 9 56 reg Scania Omnicity’s which wear the outstanding livery with GNE old styled swirls. Below is 5235 NK56 KHC.



  1. love it

  2. To Sam,

    Thanks, it certainly is one of the best liveries in the area.


  3. is there any chance of doing one of their standard livery caetano nimbuses please

  4. To George,

    This can be done and will be added to the pending liveries list, please bare with me to create your request as there are more liveries to get through before I get to yours.


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