Posted by: SB Websites | May 29, 2011

GNE Lime

The Lime service runs from Castleside to Sunderland which compromises of services 8 and 78. The Lime operates on part of the National Cycle Network and Bikes are allowed onto the vehicles for small extra price. It operates 13 Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown’s of different ages, 6 R reg examples, 5 V reg and 2 W reg examples, all are internally refurbished and can fit space for 2 bikes. Below is 4855 R855 PRG.

4855 Lime



  1. love it more plase south tyne

  2. To Sam,

    The South Tyne is on the pending liveries list and will be uploaded within the next week.


  3. ok

  4. This is my local service! I get it all the time and I’m a regular on it!


  5. To Keiron,

    I think, unless my eyesight is failing me, that you have made a mistake on the reg of this net. 4855’s registration is R855 PRG, but on this net it says R885 PRG, on the front and back.


  6. To Marcus,

    You are correct, thats my fault and I will change it now.


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