Posted by: SB Websites | May 25, 2011

25/05/11 DMC News Update

Dennis Dart V380 SVV has now been repainted into a special environmentally friendly livery and numbered 0016-00, this is the first time the vehicle has been available for service since it joined the company. The seven acquired Wright Endurances purchased are all now in service but still in original Yourbus purple as the loaned Scania OmniCitys NK60 YXF, NK60 YXG and NK60 YXH have now returned to Scania. They have all been numbered the following; 0019-94 M517 WHF, 0020-94 M526 WHF, 0021-95 M566 YEM, 0022-95 RDZ 1708, 0023-95 RDZ 1710, 0024-95 RDZ 1711 and 0025-94 RDZ 1714. Minor allocation changes have occured with 0016-00 V380 SVV allocated to 45/45a and Service S2 being converted to minibus operating usually using Dennis MPDs and Optare Solos. To make up the numbers for this service, Dennis Dart Marshall Capital T392 AGP has been acquired and is numbered 0009-99. Volvo B5L Hybrid / Wright Gemini was on demonstration the past two weeks on service 45/45a and has since returned. The Wright Endurance / Volvo B10Bs acquired are now being repainted starting with 0019-94 M517 WHF into a vintage tramways style livery to show what Deerness Motor Coaches may looked like if it started a longer time ago. The rest of the fleet will be painted into standard livery, In order to keep Dennis Dart SPD 0016-00 V380 SVV in a serviceable condition, similar un-numbered W107 RNC is being stripped of several parts including windows and panels and has since been sold. A new service will commence operation on the 17th May with a half hourly service between Durham Bus Station and Durham University which will be operated with low floor buses until 15:30. Transbus Alexander Dennis ALX400 V749 KJU has been acquired and numbered 0027-95.  All further repaints are to be in a simplified style to reduce costs with the first being Mercedes Citaro G 0012-04 LX04 KZY. Vehicles repainted into Cream are similar 0013-04 LX04 KZZ and Wright Endurance / Volvo B10B 0021-95 M566 YEM while Dennis Dart W107 RNC has been sold, making this vehicle never operational with us.



  1. love your buses

  2. Thanks a lot for your kind feedback, we should have a few more updates this week.


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