Posted by: SB Websites | May 22, 2011

GNE The angel

An express service running from Bishop Auckland has run for many years as service 724, in 2005 this was operated by Wright Gemini’s in GNE standard swirl livery. This lasted until Go North East’s major renumbering scheme in 2006 and led to many routes being changed. The 724 then became the 21 running Bishop Auckland – Durham Chester-le-Street – Newcastle and service 22 running Waldridge Park – Chester-le-Street – Newcastle. This was operated by many different vehicles such as the Wright Gemini’s, Plaxton President’s, Wright Solar’s and ELC Lolyne’s and were in the standard swirl livery with a 21 (24 hour) logo on each side. This was again changed when service 21 and 22 became branded as “the angel” which saw the Wright Gemini’s and Presidents go into the pink livery. Then Scania Omnicity’s were introduced in the brand also. Then late into 2008 these became to crowded for the route and were cascaded onto the Coaster routes in exchange for Lolynes which were put into pink, but never into the livery. Below is one of the B7L’s, 3967 PN02 XCL.



  1. plase do the west durham buses for 22 of july

  2. plase do the red kite for the same date 22 of july

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