Posted by: SB Websites | May 22, 2011

GNE CentreLink

The X66 is a shuttle service between Gateshead and the Metrocentre, originally operated by Optare Delta’s, then Plaxton Prestiges and then afterwards 4 Scania L94UA / Wright Solar Fusion’s were bought to ease congestion and to give a better standard service. These were put into the GNE “swoop” livery scheme but with silver instead of the blue and wore CentreLink logos. This was rebranded after the “CentreLink” busway was built, a long stretch of road by the side of the river Tyne for the X66 shuttle. They now where a high quality livery of fading silver and blue with a large swirl on the side which can be seen below on 4950 NK51 OLR.



  1. can you do a national express bus pls

  2. To Bus Fan,

    I can do a National Express Coach but you need to be more specific on type/chassic etc on which you want me do the livery on.


  3. the newcastle livery scania buses and skyline double decker

  4. To Bus Fan,

    I am aware that this is Sam Ridley, National Express do not own any Skylines so instead a Caeteno Levante will be created by your term “Scania Buses”.


  5. my name is jame martin and it my nick name bus fan and i do lot of paper buses and i am loving your web site and am starting to build your paper bus now am sorry about this nick name. who sam ridley

  6. Hi,
    Im sorry about that, just for some reason our website was showing your comments to be the same as another commenter “Sam Ridley”. Guess its just a mistake! Thanks for visiting the site and we should have your requests done as soon as possible.


  7. love your wesilte

  8. please could you make a paper bus of the whay hey new 50 gne durham bus, the gne 673 and 604 retired bus – I think your website is brilliant especially your deerness motor ones thanks very much kyle reece aged 6 yrs

  9. To TheBusBoy,

    The new 50 livery will be created when more photographs are available of 4928 in livery. I only create current liveries so unfortunately the 673 and 604 cannot be made. Also Deerness Motor Services is a fictional company created by myself so the Durham Tour is not planning to grow so more liveries cannot me made, but your Whey-aye-five-o will be added to the pending liveries list.


  10. Hello, please may I request a Wright Fusion First Bath in orange, the destination and number is “18 University”

  11. Or a Stagecoach Wright commander
    I’ll post image on facebook

  12. OK, the Commander has been added but the list is very long so will be a month or two till its done.

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