Posted by: SB Websites | May 22, 2011

ANE Coast&Castles Connection

The Coast&Castles Connection brand was introduced in 2007 for the rural Northumrbia services from Newcastle. The services included service 501, 505,518 and the X18.The service became a runner-up in the Bus in the Countryside category at 2009’s year’s UK Bus Awards. The services are operated by VDL DB250 / ELC Lowlanders, DAF SB3000 / Plaxton Prima Coaches, Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 2’s and 2 ADL Dart MPD’s. Althought not long ago the Olympias have been withdrawn despite them having coach seats and keeping newer old-fashioned Olympians with flat back seats instead, so part of the service is now operated by Enviro 400s but are not liveried. The MPD’s also have major fading problems over the windows which is why it’s like that on the net. So shown below is 1211 V211 DJR, 1800 NK56 HKV, 7371 M371 FTY and 7456 YJ57 BVG.



  1. Please do the the stagecoach north east no1, the gne black cats, gne doxford clipper and gne tyne tees links

  2. To Jake,

    These requests will be added to the pending liveries list.


  3. can you make 34720 85 years bus but in mpd form

  4. To Jimmi,

    Please refer to Update on Requests section on the stickypost.


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