Posted by: SB Websites | May 21, 2011

GNE The Loop

Another circular route serving Gateshead is the Loop (along with the Saltwell Park and the Orbit). It serves Team Valley, Gateshead Interchange and Gateshead College.It operates with 9 Scania L94UA / Wright Solar’s finished in a modern and crisp black livery. Services 93 and 94 are every 15 mins until 2 ‘o clock and then operates at regular intervals afterwards on Monday-Friday’s. Below is 5226 NK54 NVZ.



  1. Can you do the ‘Waggonway and the ‘Lime’ please

    Cool Livery Too

  2. To Thomas,

    Thanks for that and yes I will add these to the request list.


  3. Another fantastic livery.
    Could you do the ‘Sliver Arrows’ please?

  4. To Kuyoyo,

    Thanks for the comment and yes your request will be added to the Request List.


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