Posted by: SB Websites | May 11, 2011

GNE Fabfiftysix

Go North East introduced the fabfiftysix in early 2006 for service 56 linking Newcastle with Sunderland. It’s up to every 10 minutes using 15 Wright Solar’s, 2 Y reg examples, 3 51 reg and 10 54 reg ones. This isn’t the original livery, it used to wear Go North East’s standard stripes along with logos, but now has been simplified along with nearly every other GNE livery due to costs and ease of replacement. So below is 4935 Y935 ERG.



  1. Can you do these livery

    Sir bobby robson
    Lambton Worm
    Cats Fast

  2. Hi,
    The Sir Bobby Robson has already been made as seen here, the Lambton Worm is obsulete so unfortunately will not be done but the Fast Cats and Showstopper will be done in the next couple of weeks.


  3. Can you donthe laser for Jake?

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