Posted by: SB Websites | May 7, 2011

GNE Saltwell Park

The Saltwell Park service is a circular linking Newcastle and Gateshead and also serving Saltwell Park. It was improved in 2009, from the use of Dennis Dart SPD’s to it being operated by 8 Optare Versa’s. The services being numbered 53 and 54, one clockwise, the other being anti-clockwise around the circular route. Below is 8300 NK09 FVA.



  1. can u give me the email adress for PETEr FRAY

  2. Hi Thomas,

    I can give you his email, but what do you need it for?

    Keiron Bains
    Administrator of Ron and Tons BLOG

  3. So I can get a net from him


  4. To Thomas,

    Yes this is fine, it is


  5. Thanks very much 🙂

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