Posted by: SB Websites | April 24, 2011

24/04/11 DMS News Update

East Lancs Myllenuim RX53 LNJ is now in Standard Livery wearing new adverts for the Durham Tour, along with other vehicles in the fleet which also wear adverts for the new advertisement campaign. Also MCV 117 AE54 WVW has gained a historic livery for United.



  1. Is that Evolution a MAN?

  2. To Jim,

    My MCV Evolutions are indeed on the MAN 14:220 chassis.


  3. Nice “UNITED” livery by the way! 😛
    😀 🙂

  4. To Jim,

    Thanks for that and it is still in this livery.


  5. I have a sister to that UNITED bus

  6. Namely AE54 WVP Or with her Cherished Registration MID 787

  7. To CDJ,

    They are all still in service, speaking of which and update is required!


  8. Do you only have WVW/X/Y?

  9. Oh soz AE55WVP

  10. To CDJ,

    Yes I do.


  11. Is AE55WVP ok?

  12. To CDJ,

    What was ever wrong with it?


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