Posted by: SB Websites | April 16, 2011

GNE Tynedale Links

This is one of the new liveries that replaced older ex-Arriva services. Now on most new Go North East route branded services, different vehicle types are used on the same routes without an exact allocation, on the Tynedale Links it operates a Plaxton Pointer SPD, the unique Plaxton Concept 2000 and 3 MPD’s. Below are 561 NK53 TLF, 8228 X228 FBB and 8293 NK54 PHV.



  1. bladon races gne plase super plaxlton

  2. To Sam,

    Please listen to what im going to tell you. You have been commenting on this website too much, as I am going to tell you and my associate did it is a very time-consuming to make bus nets on paint, I have to make the logos myself, the livery and writing and any other images or swirls. I cannot create 10 liveries everyday as you are asking me too, i can create these liveries, but it will take longer as other liveries are put first, as me and Ma44hew have told you multiple times, i can do requests, but it will be at least till the end of the month until they are created. So please, reply with a list of 3 GNE liveries you want me to do, if you ask me to do more liveries again by today, i have no other option but to close the comment box. So please stop asking me to do lots more paperbuses of your choice otherwise the asforementioned method will be used.

    Ron and Ton’s BLOG Administrator

  3. I want my liverys plase relee in one today

  4. To Sam,
    You cannot expect everything you want from a free service, we try our best to satisfy viewers but the amount you are requesting is totally unreasonable.


  5. one of my liverys toady sound better

  6. plase do new red arrows livery toady plase you

  7. so were is at buses gne liverys pack plase today

  8. so want are doing end of mounth

  9. To Sam,
    the next net is currently not confirmed.


  10. How do you make these nets?

  11. To Thomas,

    I create these nets in the simple “paint” program installed on most Microsoft Windows computers. I then have blank nets, from Peter Fray, then I colour and apply the livery by using the different tools in paint. I get different logos by either making them, or finding some off the internet and again apply them using the various tools in paint. I hope this answer’s your question.

    Kind Regards

  12. Thanks

  13. so it the end of this mouth so were the loop first old livery of the damind buses three west durham gne all onter buses asx well so went it time make sorm it good I sent you at good replay so remove at good replay wiht be good for you site ok thank you thanks

  14. any more relite on to your site

  15. To Sam,

    Im sorry, but I am unable to understand what you are saying, could you possibly explain this?


  16. hello plase the magic bus gne

  17. were my buses the it the 1 of may

  18. To Sam,
    You can not expect us to do loads of liveries that you ask. If you asked in smaller amounts they could be made as they take a long time to make. Please specify 1 livery you would like doing which will be made in the next few weeks.


  19. Nice! I See These Round Hexham Train Station

  20. Can u do the GNE DFDS safeways please

  21. And/Or ANE Quourm Express/Shuttle

  22. Hi Thomas,

    Yes, this will be added to the Request List.


  23. I do not know if you are still reading this comment on this paper-bus, but Sam is way too excited and no need to act like that on Sam. Sam is just so excited about the next bus and Sam is like what bus is it!?

  24. Keiron,

    can you create enviro 400hybrid SN59AWW Please

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