Posted by: SB Websites | April 15, 2011

GNE Coaster

The Coaster services 1 and 2 operated by Go North East links southern Gateshead towns and suburbs with the North Tyneside Coastline at Whitley Bay every 15 minutes combined. The service uses 13 2006 Scania Omnicity’s and 2 East Lancs Lolyne’s, 1 V reg and the other W reg. There is a large livery difference between the Lolyne’s and the Omnicity’s as the Lolyne’s is so more complex and professional, where as the Omnicity’s wear a much simpler brand which is evident below with 3858 V858 EBR and 5271 NK56 KKG.



  1. I want a dulbe decker buses plase soon or lATER
    plase do pink gne and gne 56 and go north east and gne 57 plase
    when is they at update plase
    plase do the a form gne

  2. To Sam,
    Please read my other comments i sent you about how it is not possible to do all your nets.


  3. ok thanks
    but why

  4. To Sam,
    As i have said it takes a long time to do these nets. We are happy to do requests, provinding there are only a few to do as there is simply not enough time to do more as we have other websites to update aswell.


  5. ok tanks

  6. put one on now plase

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