Posted by: SB Websites | April 14, 2011

GNE Kingfisher

A local brand worn by 6 MPD’s, on service 69 and 69A. Running very 30 minutes, it gives a connection to many towns around West Tyneside. Its a pretty simple livery compared to others with simple text just written, without any bullet points or lines. Here is 535 NA52 AWD below:



  1. Hi mate this livery looks brilliant.
    If you want i have a better lot of darts that could be reliveried if you want the file i will send it to you

  2. plase do at other gne buses plase you
    plase do duford cipper plase you
    plase can you do a scotland buses plase
    plase do at the orbit gne plase
    ok find job
    so will you do my buses for me and other
    plaxton super in s pak no wolud plase gne

  3. To Sam,

    I can do request is asked, but im not quite sure what you want me to do with the others, i realise that you want me to do the Doxford Clipper and the orbit which can be done, but your Scotland Buses is a bit vague and I only do nets from the North East.


  4. To Sean,

    Thanks I think it looks ok too. Do you mean a different blank net?


  5. plase do go north east black cats ok
    plase do at old go north east buses plase you
    plase ever gne plase
    just bue buses gne plase you
    plse send up date every 20 min do in 3 weeks plase I need that
    plase cilty link buses and at old one

  6. any more up dates plase let me find out
    and new gne buses livery
    plase do today or torrow plase

  7. To Sam,
    It takes a long time to do these nets so it is not possible to do all your requests. Also, it is out of the scope of the website to do North West buses so could you please specify three nets you would like making and they will be done within the next couple of weeks?


  8. ok
    go north east old whlie buses as well plase
    plase do old buses too so as wilhe buses and more plase
    you are good

  9. Ill send them to you and you can deside if you want to use them

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