Posted by: SB Websites | April 1, 2011

01/04/11 GNE Update

Lately the Go North East are focusing on advertising themselves and its offers on various vehicles. This includes the advertising of the new key smarctcard, and the CentreLink and TEN services to Metrocentre. Also the ROUTE 19 has been downgraded again, first it started with Wright Solar’s, then Wright Cadets and now Dennis Dart’s. Along with a temporary brand for new service 1X  with a sticker over the window, as you can see below. Also GNE have trialed Mercedes-Benz Bendi Mal95 BD57 WCY on service 56 and 58 which can also be seen below. All these latest new liveries can be seen below.

For more detailed news on the North East’s Bus Fleets go to North East Bus News.



  1. Hi. Is it possible to do the Yellow Bus, and the whey-aye-five-o


  2. Hi,

    The Yellow Bus will be done for you but there are a few requests waiting so it may be a couple of weeks before it can be done. Also, the whey-aye-five-0 will be done as soon as the livery is applied on the real vehicles which i would estimate will be about 3 weeks.


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