Posted by: SB Websites | March 13, 2011

13/03/11 DMS and SS&S News Update

Firstly a lot of Vehicles have been sold after the company they were sold too, never saw trading, these are Leyland Olympians / East Lancs F368/369/370/371/372/373 AFR, Volvo Olympians M688/689/690 HPF and DAF DB250 / Optare Spectra L95 HRF. Other vehicles that were loaned to the company were Plaxton Pointer W554 JJV and Omnicity NK05 GWZ, these are now once again part of DMS, third sees B10M 290 R570 RPY Withdrawn. Also more vehicles are being sold after lengthy refurbishment, these are Optare Olympuses NK60 FHC and NK60 HDJ, Gemini 2’s NK10 CHT/U and Enviro 400 NK10 DFT. The only double deckers left in storage are ALX400’s V479 KJU, LG02 FDP/V/X and Presidents LN51 AYR/U. ALX400 LG02 FDO is now with DMS numbered 402 for use on service X2 to allow ALX300 R102 KRG to enter in other parts of the allocation. A new Durham Tour is starting with Olympians H809/811 AGX  from SS&S and are in a new livery. L94 HRF has been sent to allow for this move.  So below is 271 W554 JJV, 279 H809 AGX, 292 R102 KRG and 302 LG02 FDO.


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