Posted by: SB Websites | February 19, 2011

SS&S News Update 19/02/11

Plaxton President 251 LN51 A and Enviro 400 277 NK60 PMA have been repainted into the new livery with more corporate branding, such as website and the high-class standard of services shown on the side and back. Below is 251 and 277.




  1. Theese look brillaint i am currently changing my livery if you go 2 my blog you can say which one you like futher detail will be on the DE website. speak to you later

  2. To Sean,

    The liveries look good, I prefer the 1st choice, the “Current Light Maroon & Cream inner”


  3. To Keiron25
    thanks mate i will be keeping the current one as it is popular but the citi branding is going to chage to chage it will be on my blog later as you may know i have a new youtube channel Devonexpressltd there will some things going up on there when i get the chace speak later

  4. To Sean,

    Ok, sounds good I will check you BLOG later on in the day.


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