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DMS News Update 18/02/11

More new services have been introduced for competition with Deerness Motor Coaches, new service X45 is running Hourly from Esh Winning to Newcastle, this is run by 3 newly acquired MAN 14:220 / MCV Evolution’s, these are 117/8/9 AE54 WVW/X/Y. Service 42a has been introduced from Durham to Stanhope via Tow Law using Beaver K591 FAW. Service 62 has been increased to every 15 Minutes with 4 MPD’s being used. New service 55 now interworks with service 48, which now runs from New Brancepeth to Durham every 20 mins, with the 55 hourly, an allocation of the vehicles used are below, for service X2 ALX300 R102 KRG has been acquired of DMC along with DAF S350 KHN. Also Delta P130 RWR has been relicenced P113 DMS and moved to daily work on service 66 and Versa NK10 BUS being relicenced NK10 GZY and being used on service 55. Also, alot of vehicles have new display equipment, including coloured scroller blinds, which are coloured depending on the colour of the service. The updated allocation is:


  • NK60 UPC – Omnilink Triaxle
  • NK60 UPD – Omnilink Triaxle
  • NK58 GJJ – Centro
  • R102 KRG – ALX300


  • NK10 DMS – Versa
  • K591 HAW – Sprinter


  • BR09 SKV – Enviro 300
  • SH10 KKV – Enviro 300
  • PM10 SKV – Enviro 300

Service X45

  • AE54 WVW – MCV
  • AE54 WVX – MCV
  • AE54 WVY – MCV

THE 46′s

  • NK53 HHX – Commander
  • NK53 HHY – Commander
  • NK53 HHZ – Commander

Service 47

  • YJ05 XNS – Solo

Service 48/55

  • S112 DMS – Excel
  • NK10 GZY – Versa
  • S350 KHN – DAF

Service 48a

  • P559 PNE – Vario


  • NK10 GZZ – Versa
  • NK10 HAA – Versa
  • NK10 HAB – Versa

Service 62

  • NK52 DBD – MPD
  • NK53 SJD -MPD
  • NK56 HKV – MPD
  • NK56 HKW – MPD

Service 66

  • P113 DMS – Delta


  • S518 LGH – Metrorider
  • T272 DMS – SPD
  • RX53 LNH – Myllenium
  • RX53 LNJ – Myllenuim
  • R570 RPY – B10M
  • R153 UAL – Vario

Seen below is 14 S350 KHN, 107 NK10 GZY, 112 S112 DMS, 113 P113 DMS, 114 YJ05 XNS, 117 AE54 WVW, 260 NK56 HKV, 261 NK56 HKW, 262 NK53 SJD, 263 NK52 DBD, 287 P559 PNE, 291 K591 HAW and 292 R102 KRG.



  1. I left a comment before asking wheather it was ok to take the livery off your nets and put mine on as i run a fictional companey and you yes! so here is the link for you to take a look at my fictional comapeny,Valley Link. Hope You like keep up the good work!!!

  2. To Daryl,

    Its always good to see another fictional beginning operations, good job.


  3. Thanks alot keep up the good work!!

  4. To Daryl,

    Thanks for that, there are many more after that.


  5. Ya know wot, I might set up my own fictional company too! Maybe called RuralVillage or summet

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