Posted by: SB Websites | February 8, 2011

2011 Bus Simulators

In 2011 two quite spectacular looking Bus Simulators will be released, a quick look at the two are below:

OMSI – The Omnibus Simulator

Based in West Berlin, OMSI recreates routes 92 and 92E in the 1980s using contemporary MAN Double deckers SD200 and SD202 from various years of manufacture, with many liveries. Highlights of the game include life-like sounds of the buses, Comprehensive AI traffic and changeable destination screens aswell as many more great features. The game will first be released for download on the 18th of February (though this maybe German only) and a full boxed copy on the 28th of March in either German or English. Note from the picture below, although three of these buses may appear the same they have unique licence plates and fleet numbers aswell as other subtle differences such as disabled badges.

More information at

Bus Tram Cablecar 2011

This more widely spread transport game is based in San Francisco in the current day covering various bus, tram and cablecar routes throughout the city. As per OMSI, a route editor will be included alongside a 16 unique vehicles which will give endless amounts of gameplay. Highlights include realistic weather, detailed ticket machine and mist appearing on windows giving life-like effects that have never been produced on a game before. Bus Tram Cablecar is scheduled for release in Summer 2011 so much more will happen between now and then. Below shows the detailed interior and realistic effect of misted windows:

More information at
A detailed overview of both games will be written when they are released.


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