Posted by: SB Websites | February 7, 2011

Stagecoach Enviro 400

For the upgrade of service 12, several ADL Enviro 400’s were bought, this would then in turn (with more hyprids to come for services 39/40) would make Stagecaoch North East completely low floor, such as cascading of vehicles on the routes they have replaced. Below is 19677 NK60 DOJ.



  1. cool Stagecoach South West got 2 new enviro 400’s for service 12 newton abbto to brixham

  2. To Sean,

    Very interesting, Stagecoach is buying new vehicles across the whole country to get it 100% low floor. Also a quick question, do those new Enviro 400’s your on about have leather on the bottom of the seats at the back? You can see what I mean by one of my videos.


  3. Hi Keiron25 Im not sure however since my comment there is now several more 12 reg enviro 400 down in Torbay working the once Bayliner 12 now rebranded to Hop 12 which do have leather seats and a Scania chassis but are not as comfortable as the 08 reg enviro 400s which are used on the Go2 service!

  4. To Devon Express,

    I see, I don’t operate many services now and my vehicles are relatively standard.


  5. This livery is super awesome. Would it be possible to change it slightly so that the display read ’16X’ and ’16A’ with the appropriate stagecoach running numbers and county. Thanks.


  6. To Cocer Colergamer,

    Sorry requests aren’t available yet, please wait patiently until request list is once again empty so you can then input a request when asked to do so.


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