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25/1/11 News Update

Over at South Shields&Sunderland Leyland Olympian G37 OCK has been painted in the new livery. Now at DMS, Excel S112 DMS and MPD NK52 DBD are now back in use after damage, the MPD for the 48/48a and the Excel for reserve, the 62 and 66 now have exact allocations which can be seen below.


  • NK60 UPC – Omnilink Triaxle
  • NK60 UPD – Omnilink Triaxle
  • NK58 GJJ – Centro
  • RX53 LNJ – Myllenuim


  • NK10 BUS – Versa
  • NK10 DMS – Versa


  • BR09 SKV – Enviro 300
  • SH10 KKV – Enviro 300
  • PM10 SKV – Enviro 300

THE 46′s

  • NK53 HHX – Commander
  • NK53 HHY – Commander
  • NK53 HHZ – Commander

Service 47

  • R153 UAL – Vario

Service 48/48a

  • NK52 DBD – MPD
  • NK53 SJD -MPD
  • NK56 HKV – MPD
  • NK56 HKW – MPD


  • NK10 GZZ – Versa
  • NK10 HAA – Versa
  • NK10 HAB – Versa

Service 62

  • P559 PNE – Vario
  • R570 RPY – B10M

Service 66

  • K519 HAW – Sprinter


  • S518 LGH – Metrorider
  • P130 RWR – Delta
  • T272 DMS – SPD
  • RX53 LNH – Myllenium
  • NK52 DBD – MPD
  • S112 DMS – Excel
  • YJ05 XNS – Solo

Pictured below is G37 OCK in the new livery and S112 DMS in its original colours and NK52 DBD still wearing its test paints for the new liveries, with the swirl.



  1. Hi, I have made a few routes up for you

    SouthShields& Sunderland
    C1 South Shields Town Centre-South Shields Ferry-Arberia Roman Fort-Ocean Road-Coast Road-Marsden Rock-Souter Lighthouse-Whitburn

    49 South Shields-Chichester-Tyne Dock-Boldon ASDA-Town End Farm-Doxford Internatinoal

    Deernees Motor Services

    59 Newcastle-Gateshead-Birtley-Washington-Fence Houses-Barnwell-Houghton-le-Spring-Seaham-Dalton Park-Murton-Peterlee-Blackhall-Hartlepool

    3X North Shields Fish Quay-North Shields Ferry-North Shields Town Centre-Meadow Well-Norham Road-Churchill Street-Rosehill-Wallsend-Byker-Newcastle-Central Station-non stop to MetroCentre

    46 Whitley Bay-The Links-Whitley Bay Cemetry-Seaton Sluice-Blyth-North Seaton-Ashington-Wansbeck Hospital-Newbiggin-Cresswell-Amble-Alwnick


  2. To Tom,

    Thanks for the suggestions, they sound good, at the moment I won’t be branching out, but when I do, I will consider your ideas as they are good routes.


  3. Ok Thanks

    Some brandings

    C1 Optare Solo South Shields Coaster
    49 Dennis Dart SPD Doxford Links
    59 Wright Cadet The 59
    3X Optare Tempo The North Express
    46 Scannia Omnicity Costal Links

  4. Would it be possible to help with ‘Deernees Motor Services’ and ‘SouthShields&Sunderland’

    Please contact me at and I could design routes eg.


  5. I have one route for you : X4 To Durham city centre with branding

  6. To Jim,

    Thanks for the advice but where is this service running from? It would have to commercially viable, if you mean a circular service it would not be viable as there is too monopolisation of branches out of the city. Plus the geographical size of Durham is very small as well meaning the circle wouldn’t really benefit many people.


  7. I know, i suppose the X4 could possibly go from Durham to Middlesbrough via Spennymoor, Bishop Auckland, Darlington then down the A66

  8. To Robert,

    Sorry but that would never be viable, it is essentially just duplicating routes that already exist.


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