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20/1/11 News Update

South Shields&Sunderland has a new livery which is the old style which is worn by President W464 BCW, now in the new livery is Olympian H808 AGX.  Deerness Motor Services has news such as fleet changes and new services being introduced. We now have acquisition of 2 ex-Deerness Motor Coaches Scania Omnilink triaxles which are NK60 UPC/D 400/1 for new service X2 (see below). Centro 04 NK58 GJJ from services 48,48a has moved to service X2 (see below) and also 2 MAN 14:220 East Lancs Mylleniums have been purchased these are RX53 LNH 116 and RX53 LNJ 115. The latter for the X2 and 116 for reserve due to the daily output of vehicles being increased, Solo YJ05 XNS is now in ownership for services 48/48a to replace the Centro and finally for internally and externally refurbishing Deerness Motor Coaches Alexander RH’s for their new Durham Tour service they gave us a free Mercedes-Benz Sprinter K519 HAW.  The new services are Service 62 running Brasside to Durham via the Arnison Centre, Newton Hall and Framwellgate Moor. This requiring 2 vehicles. Then service 66 is from Durham to Durham Universities and Colleges towards the south-east fo Durham, requring 1 vehicle, these routes sre not branded, and are taken from any vehicle spare, preferbly minibuses, but full size single deckers could also operate. Also the X2 Durham to Newcastle is now operated by DMS and requires 4 vehicles. Which are as above, 2 Omnilink triaxles, 1 Centro and 1 Myllenuim. All other routes remain unchanged. So the allocation for al routes are:


  • NK60 UPC – Omnilink Triaxle
  • NK60 UPD – Omnilink Triaxle
  • NK58 GJJ – Centro
  • RX53 LNJ – Myllenuim


  • NK10 BUS – Versa
  • NK10 DMS – Versa


  • BR09 SKV – Enviro 300
  • SH10 KKV – Enviro 300
  • PM10 SKV – Enviro 300

THE 46’s

  • NK53 HHX – Commander
  • NK53 HHY – Commander
  • NK53 HHZ – Commander

Service 47

  • R153 UAL – Vario

Service 48/48a

  • NK53 SJD -MPD
  • NK56 HKV – MPD
  • NK56 HKW – MPD
  • YJ05 XNS – Solo


  • NK10 GZZ – Versa
  • NK10 HAA – Versa
  • NK10 HAB – Versa

Service 62

Any 2 available Minibuses

Service 66

Any 1 available minibuses


  • S518 LGH – Metrorider
  • P130 RWR – Delta
  • P559 PNE – Vario
  • R570 RPY – B10M
  • K519 HAW -Sprinter
  • T272 DMS – SPD
  • RX53 LNH – Myllenium

Below is H808 AGX and for DMS is NK60 UPC, RX53 LNH/J, NK58 GJJ, Solo YJ05 XNS and K519 HAW.




  1. These are amazing, keep up the good work man!!!

  2. To Andy,

    Thanks for the comment, its good to see viewers pleased with my work every once in a while.


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