Posted by: SB Websites | January 1, 2011

01/01/11 News Update

Many changes have occurred, fleet, livery and allocation changes, most quite substantial. Due to the company losing a lot of money on low revenue services the company had to take extreme measures to continue operating services. Firstly, the 6 Wright Streetlites order was cancelled, 43 has had its time cut to every 20 mins, as did service 46 to every 30 mins, and service 50 and 52 have been withdrawn. Over in South Shields, the company decided that they were not going to operate service E4 due to projected low revenue and patronage. Therefore with the company losing money we have sold 2 Optare Solo SR’s, NK10 GHA/B and are found at the DMS website. Also, South Shields&Sunderland have opted to have less classy vehicles on service E1/E2/E3 due to cheaper running costs, so consequently, H808/9/11 AGX and Cityzen N392 OTY have returned to the company for daily use on the allocation on routes E1/E2/E3. So Presidents LN51 AYR/U have been put into storage for a secret project. Along with Gemini’s NK10 CHT/U, which only leaves NK10 CHS in service due to the application of a rear advert for “visit north-east England”. So the current allocation for the E1/E2/E3 is:

* LN51 AYA – President
* LN51 AYT – President
* LN51 AYV – President
* LN51 AYW – President
* LN51 AYX – President
* LN51 AYY – President
* LN51 AYZ – President
* W464 BCW – President
* NK60 PLZ – Enviro 400
* NK60 PMA – Enviro 400
* H808 AGX – Olympian
* H809 AGX – Olympian
* H811 AGX – Olympian
* N392 OTY – Cityzen
* NK10 CHS – Gemini 2

Route 50 remains unchanged. W464 BCW has been given an old styled livery of South Shields&Sunderland and all livery branding has been removed to give a cleaner and nicer look on the buses and also allows us to apply adverts on the side. Also many acquisitions have been made for reserves such as B10M’s K700/713 DAO, Olympians M491/492 ASW, K715 ASC and G37 OCK.

Deerness Motor Services fleet is now quite interesting, Routes 42 and 49 have not been changed. Route 43 now only has 3 Enviro 300’s, Route 46 now has 3 Wright Commanders in use with a new interworked timetable for service 46a. Route 47 was going to have MPD NK52 DBD because it is already in the base coat of red but due to an unforseen circumstance this and Excel S112 DMS had a depot collision due to poor lighting in the depot which has now been rectified. This now means that service 47 is using a Mercedes Vario instead as its cheaper to operate than the Transbus engined MPD. Due to the cancellation of the order for Streetlites Routes 48/48a now operates with Centro NK58 GJJ now in THE 48’s base colour, MPD’s NK56 HKV/W and SPD T272 DMS. Reserves that have been acquired are Metrorider S518 LHG, B10M R570 RPY, Vario P559 PNE and Delta P130 RWR. Then already in reserve is MPD NK53 SJD. More details on the fleet is found below this post on a recently updated Fleet List. Vehicles sold include SPD W107 RNC to and Omnicity NK05 GWZ on loan to Gypsy Queen Ltd, SPD’s V380 SVV, W554 JVV and X602 OKH.

So overall now in Storage for the Secret Project is:

  • NK60 FHC – Olympus
  • NK60 FDJ – Olympus
  • NK10 DFT – Enviro 400
  • LG02 FDO – ALX400
  • LG02 FDP – ALX400
  • LG02 FDV – ALX400
  • LG02 FDX – ALX400
  • V479 KJU – ALX400
  • LN51 AYR – President
  • LN51 AYU – President
  • NK10 CHT – Gemini 2
  • NK10 CHU – Gemini 2

Pictured below are Presidents LN51 AYA in the cleaner livery, W464 BCW, B10M K700 DAO, Centro NK58 GJJ, B10M R570 RPY, Vario R153 UAL and Delta P130 RWR.



  1. Love the livery of 273 looks liek my Devon Express livery but the other way round but its a good livery by the way my fotopic gallery is now running its

  2. very nice the livery of 273 look like devon express livery and east yorkshire my fotopic link is

  3. hi mate like the livery of 273 just my devon express livery only the other way round

  4. To Sean,

    Thanks, I thought it looks very nice as well, this was the original livery but found that the 2 tone-blue looks alot more proffesional.


  5. cool so is your companies loosing profits also what is this secret plan your doing if you want to tell me i can keep it a secret email me also my youtube channel has been revamped its called buttercupline

  6. To Sean,

    Yes the company was losing profits, but after the measures and actions that were taken the company is now beginning to become stable again. I will also contact you via your email to tell you about the secret project.


  7. To Keiron25
    Thanks very much
    i will keep thoose plans secret although it is very good idea.
    Also does SS&S Ltd run any services into newcastle or any area’s where not other companies operate as i think it would be a godo idea to

  8. To Sean,

    As of the moment SS&S operates interworked routes E1/E2 and E3 and 50, which both run in areas with other companies operating, as I am aware there are no areas that would be of a financial possibilty to operate a service, but thanks for the advice and this method has worked before with service 42 of DMS, as Tow Law have never had a direct link to Durham.


  9. To Keiron
    I was wonderingh our you going to put a South Shields & Sunderland livery on a creative master northcord enviro 400 1/75 scale oo gauge as i think it would be a good idea as like a 1 off model

  10. To Sean,

    Thanks for the idea, but I am a paperbus creator not a model painter and this idea will not be going ahead.


  11. ok Orange bus has a dart for sale could you put on your deerness bus sale page due to we don’t sell buses part of company policy

  12. To Sean,

    Yes that’s fine, can you please send me the reg, body and chassis names so I can add to the website.


  13. could you do a optare versa for stagecoach in SOUTH wALES
    Stagecoach 39822 @ Blackwood

  14. To Daryl,

    Can you read the update on requests please?


  15. to kieron,can you send me on your website a stagecoach alexander ps,reg no is p830 fvu dest is 76 basingstoke via overton

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