Posted by: SB Websites | December 21, 2010

GNE Gemini Red Arrows

Lately announced news stated that due to capacity problems on Red Arrows service X1 in Newcastle has led to the purchase of 7 Volvo Gemini 2’s. This then makes 7 Mercedes Citaro’s that were are to replaced to replace the 5 Wright Solar’s on the Laser service and 2 for a “special project”. The 5 Wright Solar’s are then to be used on service 50 to be given a branding.

More news at

Below is the possible livery that could be worn by the new Gemini 2’s in Go North East’s current state of logo, colour and writing, where afterward I have added my own version of what the livery should be like. In both it is said to be NK60 RTS 3995.



  1. Very nice mate!
    i have also been busy making a fictional bus maker called veldoo
    the first single decker is called a Heldio a pictureof it is on my blog

  2. To Sean,

    Thanks. Your Holdia looks nice too, although it looks remarkably similar to the Mercedes Citaro but is still good.

    SB Websites

  3. its based around a mercedes citaro chassis but with a enviro 20 0and optare versa bits also i have do a double decker which has an adl enviro 400 chassis

  4. To Sean,

    Ahh I understand now, thanks for the confirmation.

    SB Websites

  5. to Keiron if your company would liek to purchase any of these buses veldoo will give you 75% of and purchases

  6. To Sean,

    As for the moment I do not require any of your vehicles but thanks for your offer anyway.

    SB Websites

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