Posted by: SB Websites | October 29, 2010

DMS News Update 29/10/10

As mentioned below service 47 is now to be operated by a Mini Pointer Dart from South Shields&Sunderland. Services 48/48a have now got their full fleet now up and running, with 2 MPD’s and 2 Plaxton Pointers, although not in full livery. Further acquisitions have been made for reserve work, these being Plaxton Pointer T422 KAG 272 and privately registered S112 DMS 112. Purchased from new are Van Hool Astron NK60 JGA 700 and NK60 JGB 701 to kick-start the new coaching business. Also on order is a Van Hool Astrobel and 2 Van Hool Alizee’s.



  1. hi wondering if excel is in sevice yet if dart is being repainted coach looks very nice vanhool certainly are a good company some good buys here

  2. To Trevor,

    Thanks for the comment, the Excel is in reserve and is being painted shortly, the Dart is also for reserve work but is not in service due to a repaint and the fitting of Dotty Matrix Displays. Thank you for the compliment on the Van Hool also.


  3. Is that coach just the one?

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