Posted by: SB Websites | October 18, 2010

South Shields&Sunderland Enviro 300

With kind permission of Devon Express, they have loaned us 3 ADL Enviro 300’s for use on service E3 along with 3 Plaxton Presidents. 264 BR09 SKV is shown below.



  1. Very nice livery these enviro’s look very smart they use to work in Truro on Cityline A but citaro’s have taken over there work now sadly the enviro we have lent you our the only type in the fleet as the rest our hte more update enviro with e200 face sadly these buses will be going out of our fleet as we have 16 optare solo’s comming in so i u would like to keep them you our very welcome to.

  2. To Devon Express,

    Thank you very much, i would love to keep them.


  3. Hi mate could you do a post with my website link as i would be lovely to get people visiting Devon express my website link is

  4. To Sean,

    Yes I can include a link to increase views on your website, a new post shall be on the BLOG later on tonight.


  5. […] praps not face but a certain bus! BR09 SKV One of the the first generation Enviro 300 which was sold from Devon Express in 2010 has now […]

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