Posted by: SB Websites | October 14, 2010

South Shields&Sunderland Plaxton President

This below is from the 9 delivered Volvo B7TL / Plaxton Presidents, they are finished in the South Shields&Sunderland Livery with the E1 branding on the side, the example shown below LN51 AYT 253.



  1. Looking good! Just wandering if you are still continuing with your company?
    Im now back with DE and new livery and partly new name and destinations! speak soon!

  2. To Devon Express,

    Long time no see, yes Durham District Services still exists but South Shields and Sunderland was sold about 9 months ago and I really need to have an update on them since the last one was over a year ago. With a lot more time now I am able to spend more time on them and once I’ve decided which vehicles I’m keeping from my service efficiencies I can start painting them in livery and then update!

    Nice hearing from you again and its good to see that you are also continuing your company.


  3. Hi again Keiron just wandering who did you sell SS&S to? also if you pop over to my blog devonexpress.wordpress you will a noticeable change to the livery as I said before! I was wondering whether if you could take a copy of the enviro 400 in the new livery(one with no fleet number) and add the Go2 branding to it as I am unsure about it its up to you? its good to be back speak soon!

  4. Hi Keiron
    Thanks for getting back to me. If you have time please check out my new livery! Can I ask who you sold SS&S to? just because I wouldn’t have mind taking it on myself! I was also wondering if you time could you do a quick livery idea for the go2 route as I am currently thinking of not having any route branding as I have run out of ideas! Also Orangana Travel is going to be sold as I want to focus on Devon Express and possibly a smaller company! I don’t know if you knew that Devon Express was once part of a group called “Konekt Group” the logo is still on some parts of our fleet like Go-Ahead however, we a pulling out of this group due to membership cost and lack of investment(Fictionally) thanks again. DE.

  5. To Devon Express,

    I just sold the services to a fictitious operator rather than asking the blogging world. I have noticed and I like your new livery, looks very ‘executive’. I don’t have time anymore to add liveries as I have many more things to do since I last spoke with you!


  6. To Devon Express,

    That’s exactly the same reason why I got rid of it originally! Yes, I remember the Konekt Group, that’s going back quite a way!


  7. Ok thanks for getting back! I understand your very bus! All the best DE

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