Posted by: SB Websites | August 14, 2010

DMS Leyland Olympian X43/43 03

This is the green variant of the DMS livery used for services X43 and 43 on 2 new Wright Gemini 2 DL’s, 4 ex Blackpool Transport East Lancs bodied Leyland Olympians and an ex-Arriva North East Scania Omnicity CN94UB.The shown example is the Olympian 03 F368 AFR.



  1. Far too new for Blackpool Transport to sell! I wonder if they will put it into their new livery?

  2. To ma44hew,

    Might do, I don’t know, might make it look newer, not sure really, Matthew go on Chatroom.


  3. I will be on know if you are, then probably around 6.

  4. To ma44hew,

    I’m never on then, I need to walk the dog at 6 -7:30 so…

    I will see you tomorrow anyway remember!


  5. Weardale Motor Services now have a second MAN Meridian, with the Ikarus registration “W666WMS” so presumably the Ikarus is now withdrawn. (Seen on Independants North East Bus Photos)

  6. To ma44hew,

    WOW !! It looks nice, hope its as good as the other one, although they should not of changed the License Plate and yeah your probably right the Ikarus is probably stuck in the depot.


  7. Where did you get the drawing for this from?

  8. Hi,

    The bus “Net” is from PWF Paperbuses ( so any nets you require simply send him a message through the website. These liveries can then easily be created using paint.

    SB Websites

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