Posted by: SB Websites | July 16, 2010

Blackpool New Experimental Livery

Below is a net of the proposed new livery for Blackpool Transport (formally Metro Coastlines) which consists of yellow and black cut of by a red and grey swirl which gives the Lolyne an appealing look. This livery is based on the possible new livery so may not look exactly like this.



  1. plase do blackpool old buses and peston buses too

  2. To Sam,
    Unfortunately this was a one off and the North West is out of the scope of the website, though your North East requests will be made.


  3. can you make a rapsons orkney thurso alx300 plesies

  4. To Kib,

    Thats fine, can you give a registration of the vehicle in quesrion?


  5. Looks good. Would be better if it had tabs so it could be put together more easily. Would like an old blue/red livery Hyndburn bus.

  6. Thanks for your suggestion, we will take the idea onboard. Unfortunately we dont have many nets for historic vehicles but could you please specify a vehicle type for us to check?


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