Posted by: SB Websites | June 13, 2010

Fictional Go North East Gypsy Queen

Go North East has over 40 different route brandings but some services are still without some brandings. This is one created for Route 14 which runs from Durham to Langley Park. The name comes from the company Gypsy Queen who were based in Langley Park and originally ran the service.



  1. Hi,

    Would it be possible for me to be a painter to?

    If so contct me on

  2. To Thomas,

    At the moment I am away till Saturday, so I won’t be able to email you about the details, but what I will do is ask yout to make a livery to see if its at a good standard to be published to on the BLOG if that’s ok, I can sort you when I’m back at thje computer on Saturday.


  3. Aloha Keiron,

    I must say nearly 3 years after it was published this net is still great. I think Go North East could make use of some kind of idea like this to give the northern lolynes something worth while. My grandad used to travel with Gypsy Queen alot, his enthusiasm about buses sparked me to be a fellow enthusiast.


  4. To Marcus,

    Thanks, it would be nice to see a rememberance of them on one of the vehicles or through a brand however you never know.


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