Posted by: SB Websites | June 4, 2010

Go North East MetroLink

This is the MetroLINK livery for service M1 which links nearby towns and villages to the Tyne and Wear Metro services at Heworth Interchange, this livery is similar to the original Metro Taxis livery used about 20 years ago by Go-Ahead Northern on Leyland Nationals.



  1. Your nets are generaly very good however i have some improvements for this one:
    – The yellow is slightly to bright, it ishould be more “custard”.
    – You have not done the back logos at all
    – The front and above wheel logos are too big
    – You have not done the “cheap day returns” on the front window
    – the destinations list is modeled incorrectly
    – the bus does not mention “concord”
    – the grill is white not black
    – you have not done the “euro” logos on the back window

  2. To _1-1-=-4= -36t,

    Thanks for the comment and i’m glad you are happy with the website’s content. The MetroLINK livery was created off a the Go North East leaflet before the actual buses were in livery and it was only one side of the Wright Solar. I was to improve the net but I have not got round to it yet so it shall be done shortly.


  3. _1-1- = -4= -36t there is euro logos

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