Posted by: SB Websites | May 6, 2010

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

This is Go North East’s latest livery for the X25 which runs from Langley Park, Sacriston, Chester-le-Street and Newcastle and was made to commemerate Sir Bobby Robson as he lived in Sacriston.



  1. Do you both have msn i’m interested in been a painter for this website?…
    Contact me on

  2. To Ben,

    Thank you for the request regarding being a painter for Ron and Tons Blog, but due to the circumstance of this being solely created by myself I will have to decline your request. I do however recommend you set up your own bus-net website on WordPress as accounts are free and websites are totally customiseable.


  3. Like the look of the new whey-aye-five-0, any chance of doing the net?

  4. To Thomas,

    It certainly does look amazing! This livery will be made when more photos of 4928 are available but it will be added to the pending liveries list.


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