Posted by: SB Websites | May 4, 2010

Wright Cadet Centurion

This is Go North East’s Centurion livery for routes 75,76 and 85,86.



  1. Keiron25,

    There may be some misunderstanding here. These buses are not being repainted for the centurion routes. They are for the upgrade of the Crusader from every 15mins to every 10mins at peak times on June 13th. As of yet the replacements on the centurion are not known.


  2. To Bus News,

    I do apologise about the incorrect information with the Centurion and the Crusader, I did realise that afterwards that the frequency was increasing but did not have sufficent time to change the information, although many thanks for the update on the information.


  3. please could you make the new centurion bus 17 and 17a many thanks kyle

  4. To belinda,

    The requests arent being accepted…


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