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Ron and Ton’s BLOG

Welcome to Ron and Tons blog, a blog all about buses in the north-east and elsewhere. Paperbuses are made here and are real liveries or ones from the fictional company Durham District Services. Requests are also available by viewing the update on requests information below. Upcoming liveries and links for other SB Websites can be found on the Right Hand Column.

Other Websites:

Blackpool Tram News – News on the Blackpool Tramway

North East Bus News – News on all the North East Bus Fleets

Northern Transport Photos – Regular photo updates from the Blackpool Tramway, North East Transport and Cumbrian Transport.

SB Websites Facebook Page– All Updates are linked to the Facebook Page to make it easier for viewers to find updates that follow more than one of our websites. Remember to like the page!

*Update on Requests* – Requests are NOT being accepted,  please do not ask for a request until this section is updated once more.

~~Updates are published at 9:00am every Monday and Thursday~~



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